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Originaya calls you to inspired meaningful action!

Originaya is launching soon, and is a platform that has coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists, which we call sages, with one thing in common. They have a spiritual angle to what they do. They do not just see the world as binary, but bring their unique way to the table.

We at Originaya see ourselves as explorers of the human potential, with a love for tech and our fellow humans. Therefore, we started on a journey together to build the platform for resourceful spiritual seekers, which we call explorers.

The world has never seen the materialistic abundance we see today. Nevertheless, more people are depressed, stressed and mentally pushed into unbalance than ever before.

We want to be a part of a change. We want to be the safe place, where people can come to find their origin story, their why, and therefore live more meaningful lives.

Originaya brings explorers, the ones who are seeking more meaning and purpose, and sages, the ones who creates the framework for insight and transformation together. To help both parties to live a more meaningful life. By building a platform where spiritual readiness and insight can meet, in a safe and trusted space

Most of our content is free of charge, and its free to join. There is also paid content on our site, for those who want to take it to the next level. Our services range from full online video courses, audio streams, 1-1 coaching and more.

At Originaya we embrace diversity, and the fact that there are many paths to a truly free way of being, that is why we have so many different coaches, therapists, and psychologist all with a touch of spirituality on our platform. It’s up to your uniqueness, your intuition, and our software to connect you with the right Sage.

We are looking forward to hearing about your stories, transformations and insights, as you adventure through Originaya, remembering who you are.

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