In a world where more people are facing immense pressure just trying to be themselves, one of the questions that comes to mind is: “are we born free?”.

In the beginning of our lives, everything is new. It’s an adventure. If we are lucky enough we are born into a loving family, and are supported in our very fragile state. The possibility of greatness in humans are always present, some through the trauma of not having that initial loving base.

Many of the biggest teachers of humanity have gone through terrible things, in order for them to step forward into their own light. They have gone through what is also called the dark night of the soul. Passing through it, and became that much stronger, because of the willingness to do the work on themselves.

We all started out fragile, and dependent both on nature and nurture. Nobody is here for a free ride. Every human will go through life’s hardships, some more than others. But nobody can really estimate who had a harder path, due to the importance of multiple things, genetics, mindset, friends, family support and so on.

One thing is certain. Those who embrace uncertainty goes through life, with more light and inner power than if not. The ability to stay centered, and the willingness to face the uncomfortable, as well as the comfortable, the pain as well as pleasure, will give the individual the chance to stay in the cockpit of their life, navigating even in high storms. It is not astrophysics, it does not have to be that complicated, but there needs to be a practice. A practice can start with a few silent moments a day, and then perhaps evolve from there. Almost every adult, if one remembers, have had a transcendent moment in their life. A moment with the feeling of oneness with all creation, all life.

Transcendence, centeredness is our birth right. It allows us to live our life fully, as the unique individual that we are. But with the added bonus of always being able to return at will, to our sacred center, within ourselves. Thereby, living a life full of meaning, and purpose, as each life on this planet has that capacity.

So, are we born free?

There is no single answer to that question, because it depends on what level you are asking from. From your center, you are always free. It requires an acceptance of what is, which is not the same thing as not changing yourself or your surroundings if possible. From the individual perspective, you are always free to be who you truly are at that moment. As with everything else outside your center, you are also in a continuous transformation.

We at Originaya embrace diversity, and the fact that there are many paths to a truly free way of being, that is why we have so many different coaches, therapists, and psychologist all with a touch of spirituality on our platform. It’s up to your uniqueness, your intuition, and our software to connect you with the right Sage.

We are looking forward to hearing about your stories, transformations and insights, as you adventure through Originaya, remembering who you are.

All the best