Many of the most successful people today suffer from imposters syndrome. It’s when we are afraid of being found out. Even if we are successful within a given field, that small voice can still enter our minds. What if they find out that I am not good enough, and this whole thing was just luck. Even people who have done great things for years, and are continually doing a great job, can sometimes hear that voice.

The imposter syndrome is one thing, another is the general idea of not knowing what the right thing to do is. It can leave many of us in a continuous state of limbo. Should I do this, or what about this. A lot of us spend most of our lives in our heads, and are rarely truly present in our body. This is also a huge stress factor, as being more present in the body, helps the mind function more balanced. More on that in later blogposts.

We all have doubts, and it’s healthy not just to go through life, with a false sense of certainty about everything. Bertrand Russel, the great mathematician and philosopher, once stated: “The fundamental cause of trouble in the modern world is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt”. So, doubt is not a bad thing, but it can be if it´s debilitating, and does not allow you to move forward.

With the advancement of tech in our daily lives, the complexity is increasing. We are exposed to large amounts of input from our screens. The time spent on those screens, is also increasing. Many feel overwhelmed partially due to overstimulation. Our brain can only handle so much input before it goes out of balance. This also increases the potential of doubt, as clarity comes from silencing the mind.

Every human is born with an inherent individual potential. A potential for everyone to live out their destiny, their birth right. Too much mind clutter can bring that potential at risk. It’s not set in stone, that the potential will be lived out fully in this lifetime. For many the choices made, end up becoming regrets that they feel cannot be overcome, and so end in a very sad state, bitterness.

In order for us to transcend that and live our lives as they were meant to, one question, can help us on our way. If asked with enough earnestness, and our willingness to listen, it can transform the mind through a change in perspective. As mentioned we all have an inherent individual potential, something we know in our core is meant for us to be. The trouble is that its cluttered up by layers upon layers, of doubt, fear and imposter syndrome.

To help facilitate our inner guidance system to function properly, we actually only need to ask one question. It might have to be asked multiple times, but the effect can be almost instantaneously. The question is not to any particular thing, but asked to who you really are at your core. The question is, “what if I am right?”.

So, I ask you to sit in a quiet place, put your mobile on flight mode, spend a few minutes in silence, and ask the question with as much earnestness as you can bring, “what if I am right?”, and just see what happens. You can do this as many times as you want, to help bring you into alignment with your true path of life.

All the best